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Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Preorders

The next Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch is just a couple of months away, with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl set to release on November 19. First revealed in February, the upcoming Gen 4 remakes will offer fans new and old the chance to go back to the Sinnoh region and start a new adventure with Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. The Pokemon Company showed off more of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in a Pokemon Presents stream on August 18, including the return of gameplay features like Pokemon contests, secret bases, outfit customization, and Pokemon who follow you around. With a new Nintendo Direct airing later today, it’s possible we’ll get a fresh look at the remakes.

If you know that Brilliant Diamond and/or Shining Pearl is a day-one purchase for you, physical preorders are live now at Amazon, Best Buy, and more, including a Double Pack with both versions. Check out everything you need to know to preorder Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl below.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl preorder bonuses
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Nintendo is giving away a Pokemon Diamond-themed outfit for your trainer if you purchase the game before February 21, 2022. You’ll simply need to use the Mystery Gift in-game tool to receive the outfit in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

Preorder Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

You can preorder a physical copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond at major retailers.. Alternatively, you can preorder a digital copy from the eShop.

Preorder Pokemon Shining Pearl

You can preorder Pokemon Shining Pearl for $60 at major retailers. If you prefer a digital copy, the eShop is taking preorders, too.

Preorder Pokemon Brilliant Diamond + Shining Pearl Double Pack

As usual, those looking to own both versions of the game will be able to buy them bundled, and there’s absolutely no discount for doing so. The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Double Pack doesn’t seem to come with any special bonuses (Sword and Shield’s came with a pair of in-game Dynamax Crystals), but it’s up for preorder now in both physical and digital editions.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are not being developed by Game Freak but rather Ilca, which also worked on Pokemon Home. However, Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda, who directed the original games, is returning as director on the remakes alongside Ilca’s Yuichi Ueda.

The Gen 4 remakes have an adorable chibi art style with squat characters, though in battle, the Pokemon trainers will appear in a more realistically proportioned form. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl also retain the classic top-down perspective. According to Nintendo, these are “faithful remakes” of the 2007 games, and “the sense of scale of the original games’ towns and routes has been carefully preserved.” This is a different approach from previous Pokemon remakes–instead of completely modernizing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the development team is leaning into nostalgia and sticking much closer to the classic look and feel of the Gen 4 titles.

In addition to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Nintendo has another Pokemon game coming up fast: Pokemon Legends Arceus, an open-world adventure also set in the Sinnoh region. Though it doesn’t release until January 28, 2022, that game is also available to preorder now.

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